Finntail with a 350,450 V8 conversion

Rotary-turbo tipper

250SE Coupe 3.8

190 SL-230E

Drum- to Disc- brake 190SL

190 SL stronger brake-booster

Rotary to Toyota manual

Tailshaft conversion

rotary 13B-turbo in Mitsubishi Express van 4WD

M104 twin-turbo 265 kw

M117 twin-turbo 300 (plus) kw

VW engine 2.0 - 180HP

Rotary adaptor to fit VW

Rotary to VW converter

Mercedes 4-5-6 cyl turbo manifolds

Mercedes 8Cyl Twin -Turbo manifolds

WV Comercial Turbo manifolds

VW single turbo

VW rear disc brake T3

VW T3 Transporter remote front booster

123 (M102) AC braket for Sanden compressor

Mercedes Sump-conversion -AluV8-Airsuspension

SL with Rotary